How does mentoring work?

  • Student Mentors are recruited from second and third year undergraduate students, and postgraduate students. 
  • Student Mentors are trained, and provided with a handbook to support them in their role. 
  • Mentors are also offered additional development courses throughout the year to help them in their role and develop their personal/employability skills.
  • Ahead of joining the university, new students are offered the opportunity to have a student mentor from the existing student base.
  • Students are matched to their mentors based on a number of different attributes including course and campus. This way students are matched with mentors who are best placed to support them.
  • Student Mentors and mentees are encouraged to link up by a variety of means: by email, through Facebook, and by meeting up informally, on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups in some cases.
  • The Student Mentoring Team organise welcome events in the initial weeks of terms to encourage Student Mentors and New Students to come together
  • Mentors are encouraged to meet with the new students to help them settle into university life.

Mentoring does not include any re-teaching of course content, counselling or provision of health or financial advice. We encourage Student Mentors to signpost their mentees to the appropriate service for support.