How to become a Mentor

First and second year undergraduate students can apply to train as a student mentor to new students in the next intake. Students on Masters courses are also invited to participate as mentors both before and after they graduate from USW.

There are a number of ways that students can receive training as a Student Mentor, this includes online via a Student Mentoring Handbook, face-to-face with one of our Super Mentors, or in a group.

The training lasts for up to an hour and at the end of the session students are given a link to a confirmation and acceptance form, which will need to be filled in to confirm willingness to undertake the role of student mentor. 

Sessions are held throughout the year on each of the campuses, and are advertised via UniLife.

Online Training

Students who aren't able to attend the training are still encouraged to volunteer and develop their knowledge via the Student Mentoring Handbook.

Here is a copy of the handbook with guidance for Student Mentors.

Once you have read and understood the handbook, please take the time to complete the Student Mentoring quiz, and then complete the confirmation and acceptance form.