Student mentoring scheme

USW has a peer led student mentoring scheme so that starting at university is as easy and enjoyable as it can be. Coming to university can be a challenging time – there is so much information and so many practical matters to deal with. For students coming from overseas, there may also be cultural differences to get used to. 

Our student mentors are trained volunteers. New students can ask their mentor questions by email or Facebook, even before they arrive on campus. After enrolment, mentors and mentees may meet in person from time to time and stay in touch by phone and email.

The USW Student Mentoring scheme aims to:

Ensure that the transition to university for new students is as easy and problem-free as possible.

Encourage new students in meeting current students from the same department or faculty so that they quickly integrate into university life.

Make sure that new students know where they can go for information and support and to ensure that they experience a supportive and encouraging environment.

Support students to rapidly engage with their studies by reducing stress factors.

Enable student mentors to develop or enhance skills, knowledge and experience relevant to employment and other avenues of life.

Help students to find answers to practical questions concerning living and studying at USW. This is often a matter of referring mentees to services and sources