How does student mentoring work?

We invite students who started their courses in the previous intake to give some support to new or prospective students within the same faculty or department. A student mentor may support up to seven mentees. Mentors and mentees can link up by a variety of means, by email, through Facebook, and by meeting up informally, on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups, in some cases. It involves helping mentees to find answers to practical questions concerning living and studying at USW. This is often a matter of referring mentees to services and sources of information within the university.

Mentoring does not include any re-teaching of course content, counselling or provision of health or financial advice.

The Process

Suitable students who volunteer are trained to undertake the role in readiness for the next intake of new students. In most cases, mentors and mentees first link up before prospective students enrol at USW. The Student Mentoring process is shown above.